Self-Care In Uncertain Times

Health and Well-Being is Still Relevant

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Where We Are Right Now

It may feel very uncertain right now what the future will bring for the health and wellness industries. However, through these difficult times it is important, now more than ever, to take all aspects of our health, well-being and self-care seriously. Now is not the time to let go. Now is the time to maneuver through the changes and embrace new routines that will enhance your overall well-being.

How Are You Doing?

Are you in an area where your local spas and favorite studios are still closed? Are you frustrated with not having those simple, yet luxurious-feeling services available? A lot of you are having those same feelings. Don't get discouraged. There are so many at-home products and routines that can still give you that majestic sense of self-care while you wait for your favorite services to return.

Here at TAG Esthetics we offer many products such as our jojoba oil infused Lermysh Lip Balms, Valeur Absolue's Dry Oils and Moor Spa's Body Brushes. They are all designed to give you the wholesome self-care benefits with an extra touch of opulence that a lot of us are craving right now.

Embrace Something New

It may be tough right now but if we embrace a few changes that helps us continue our health and well-being journey, we will get through this.

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