The Lermysh Story

So, it all started out with a homeschool science project. My kids needed an interesting hands-on science topic and they are always wanting to create new things. So, I figured, why not use my expertise in skincare and help them create something that solves a problem like my family’s constant need for lip care?! We then experimented with a few natural products, researched the science of lip balms together and voila! The Green family’s homeschool science project was DONE! It was a good day at school.


But the learning didn’t stop there. My family’s roles actually switched after our project and I actually became the student. I was inspired by what we created with healthy ingredients and wanted to learn more about natural and hand-made products. As an esthetician, I always have to be ready to give my clients versatile products because everyone is different and want different things, which is BEAUTIFUL!

And then the interesting part came. I needed to figure out how to give my clients a product that they could take home with them and use anytime during their already busy day.

Lips are definitely one of the most neglected parts of the body that many people do not know how to take care of. Of course, everyone wants soft, smooth and healthy lips, but where do you start? You could really get confused with what to put on your lips. I had to make sure that what I recommended made sense.

The top three things that I wanted in my lip care product was for it to FEEL GREAT on my lips, NOURISH my lips and also for it to be a HEALTHY product that did NOT have a ton of ingredients in it. It was important for my lip care product to have ONLY what was needed to deliver healthy benefits because it is on the only part of our body that intakes food and goes into our bodies.

So, after what seemed like FOREVER researching waxes, butters, oils, colorants, flavors and fragrances, LERMYSH Lip Balm was born and here we are!

I am excited to offer LERMYSH Lip Balm as a safe and all-natural lip care product. LERMYSH Lip Balm is free of any harsh chemicals and my hope is that you enjoy an indulging and nourishing lip care experience.

Join the LERMYSH journey and give your lips what they have been missing!

                                                 -Takiyah Green-

                                        Creator of LERMYSH Lip Balm


Due to the nature of this product, we are unable to accept any returns or refund any purchases.