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Meet The Founder

Takiyah Green

Licensed Esthetician, Beauty Educator

Welcome guests and thank you for visiting! I'm Takiyah Green, founder and esthetician of TAG Esthetics. My goal when I first began in this beauty industry was to simply continue working in a field that I loved and enjoyed! I am a proud mother of two beautiful daughters and wife to my best friend. The warmth and welcome that you feel with any service that you receive at TAG Esthetics comes from how I like to feel at home and also how I would like to feel walking into a new business that I am checking family!

TAG Esthetics has evolved since the beginning days of image consulting and bridal makeup artistry. We are now involved in commercial and film projects and we can also be found working with fashion projects and editorial spreads.

I hope you enjoy every aspect of what I strive to bring to TAG Esthetics: excellence, professionalism and great products and services that you can brag about!

Again, welcome home to your personal beauty service provider and I thank you again for checking us out!

Takiyah Green


Takiyah Green is available for speaking engagements and workshops.
Email for inquiries.

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